Leibster Award



I was nominated for the Leibster Award by Kerry at “Aspernauts”. I am honored to accept this nomination, especially from Kerry because I love her blog. Her lyrical approach to blogging is interesting to read and the visual aspects of it are inspiring. In short, her blog is beautiful and you should check it out!

As far as I understand it, the point of the Liebster Award is to generate new blog traffic in the direction of new bloggers and/or new blogs by throwing links and pingbacks around here, there and everywhere. Nominations are made and received simply in the spirit of community and it’s not the end of the world for anyone if you choose to just ignore it.

If you are inclined to link into the chain then there are a few game rules to follow:

1) Thank the person/s who nominated you and link back to their blog/s.

2) Answer the 10 questions they gave you.

3) Nominate 10 blogs, each of which currently has under 200 followers (to the best of your knowledge) and notify those bloggers.

4) Come up with 10 questions of your own to keep the whole shebang moving forward.

Here are the questions that Kerry asked of me:

1. What brought you to blogging?

I started my blog as a general way to “get the words out”. I was in a writing slump and I thought daily blogging would be a great way to get the juices flowing again. Blogging lead me to Nanowrimo which got me writing novels, again and a budding career as an independent author was born. My blog now pays homage to that journey, although it still acts as an outlet for my occasional rant. I just started an Indie Spotlight feature, which I love because it reminds me that I’m not alone. There is a whole wide community of independent authors out there and I think that each and every one of us deserves a little spotlight!

2. What is your all time favourite kids’ TV programme?

Tree Fu Tom. You may not be familiar with it. It comes on the Sprout channel. I love it because the characters are anthropomorphized arthropods and they use magic to overcome the obstacles in their world. The magic is created by using movements, similar to Tai Chi, and the kids are encouraged to move along with the characters to “make the magic happen”. It’s a really cute show and promotes movement among the kids watching it. My kids love it and I’m glad they do.

3. Which book have you reread more than any other?

The Catcher in The Rye by JD Salinger…it was my favorite book for a long time.

4. What is your favourite song lyric or quote from either film or literature?

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” —Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

5. How would you spend a perfect Sunday?

Very, very lazily. I would pack a picnic and spend the day in the park, with the kids. We would each pack a book and find a tree for shade. Then, we would lay under the tree, on the bare ground, and read our books. We might even take a nap under the tree (in my perfect Sunday, we wouldn’t have to worry about murders and kidnappers). Then, I would come home, post a blog about how perfect the day was, put the kids to bed and work on my novel until my eyes were too heavy to stay open. The kids would not wake up in the middle of the night and I would get a full night’s sleep.

6. Fantasy dinner party: you are the host and can invite any number of famous/inspirational individuals, living or deceased. Who’s on your list?

1. Silvia Plath

2. Leonardo DiVinci (for my son)

3. Auguste Comte

4. Nelson Mandella

5. Neil Gaiman

6. Patrick Rothfuss

7. Jon Stewart

8. Anthony Bourdain

9. Gordon Ramsey

I’m sure I could come up with more but this is the top of my list…

7. What are you serving at your fantasy dinner party?

As long as I’m not cooking, I would probably go for anything. What I would probably do is fly in a sushi chef and do a very large sushi buffet.

8. If you had a time machine, where and when in history (including into the future) would you go?

So many places…I wouldn’t really want to go to the future…I would be too afraid of what I would see. I would go back to the roaring ’20’s, to get a taste of prohibited alcohol…The Great Depression era with a truckload of bread and meat…The Renaissance…and finally, The British Isles around 1700 B.C. to meet the Tuatha De Dannan…

9. What question do you wish I had asked you?

If I could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

10. And how would you answer that question?

I would love to have a superpower like in Inkheart…literary manipulation. Specifically, Omnilegence…the ability to instantly know all things which are written. Think of how much easier it would be to do research for a novel…or keep up on the latest trends in book promotion…or to instantly know my book reviews as their posted…Oh yeah, and there’s that whole infinite knowledge thing, too, which would be pretty awesome!

My nominations for this award are: (Honestly, I don’t know how to tell how many followers a blog has so I tried my best to stay within the rules of the award). These are all really great blogs…Many of them are literary driven but there is some variation between them…you should check them all out!











The questions I would like to ask them are:

1. Where would you like to explore (anywhere in the world and beyond)?

2. What is your favorite genre of books? Or your favorite genre of movies?

3. What can you learn from little kids?

4. If you could create something, with an unlimited budget and resources, what would you create?

5. What animal would you like to experience being for one day?

6. When are you the happiest?

7.What inspires (drives) your blog?

8. Where would you stop on a cross country road trip?

9. If you lived in a black and white world, what is one thing you would make colorful?

10. What are your thoughts right now?

Again, I would like to give a shout out to Kerry, for nominating me for this award. You can find her blog here: http://aspernauts.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/liebster-award/

What is this blog about, anyway? #zerotohero


In Darkness Within, one my main character’s first inner conflicts revolves around the words “Define Yourself”. For her, it isn’t the definition that’s a problem, it’s the admission of that definition that scares her (and for good reason). I thought it was a fitting conflict for her, not only because of the context of the story, but also because it’s something we all struggle with.

But, this post is not about Awen Murdock and her struggle between the physical world and the otherworld, it’s about me. It’s about this blog and the kind of things I write. For anyone who knows me or is already following my blog, you will appreciate how difficult this task is for me. I tend to be kind of “all over the place” and don’t do well with pinning myself to one subject or task.

So, you might be looking at my blog and asking yourself the question: What is this blog about? It’s about me, the blogger, of course and because I am a complex being with complex desires and motivations, there will be a great deal of variety to the content on this blog. I will try to pin it to the core subjects (while giving you some background information about myself).


Obviously, I’m a writer. I never went to school for it; never formally studied journalism but I’m pretty good at it. It’s the biggest piece of “who I am”. It’s what I’ve always done. However, I am just making the leap from  notebook/journal writing and the occasional story contest to author.

I put this one closest to the top because it’s what I write about (most of the time). From time to time, I might talk about the projects I’m working on or a project I’ve already published. I might give a shout out to a fellow indie author whose work I really liked and I might even do reviews of other indie works from time to time.

Mostly, I will be blogging about writing in general: my frustrations and triumphs; my processes (or lack of real process); what I think about writing strategies (what has and hasn’t worked for me). I will probably write a lot about book marketing and promotion because it is has been the bain of my existence…If I find something that does work or something that fails miserably, I will let my readers know. If I feel like yelling and screaming (maybe cussing a little) at the gods of book promotion, I will write about it.

I guess you can say that I’m a “baby author” or an “author in training”. I wouldn’t call my blogging on this subject expert advice but it does hold weight because it’s a chronicle of the experiences I am having with writing and self-publishing (who knows, maybe traditional publishing in the future). I hope that other authors (both established and aspiring) gain something from reading my musings on the subject.

Furthermore, the very definition of why I have started blogging recently is because I love the indie author community. I want, above all else, to create an environment where authors (indie and traditional), bloggers, poets, journalists, ect. (let’s just sum it up as writers, in all shapes and sizes) can come together in open discourse and two way dialogue.


However: Be Warned…I will also digress: a lot. The two most common sources of my digression will be:


I was born in the foothills of West Virginia and I love my home, even though I’m far from it. I’m not a “country girl” in the social context that one would think but I do love the  natural world. I grew up climbing trees and rolling in grass all day long and I find myself at home when I’m connecting with nature. Because of this, and my metaphysical views, I have found a home in the study of Druidry.

From time to time, I will blog about it, too. Not because I want to come across preachy or spread the word about “my religion” but because it’s a part of who I am. I actually don’t believe that one religion (or philosophy, or any train of thought) is “better” than another. I’m saying this to make sure it is known that, although I will be writing about it a lot, it’s not the focus of my blog and I wouldn’t want to build a readership of ONLY Druid or Pagan readers.


My children are my world. I try not to blog about them too much, because there are a lot of parenting blogs out there and I am (by far) an expert on the subject matter. Also, I want to give them a bit of privacy. They are too young (ages 4, 3 and 3) to have a say about what content I post about them so I try to keep embarrassing stories about them to a minimum. This blog would probably be a lot more interesting if I included every anecdote that they give me on a daily basis (they’re the funniest kids in the world) but I don’t think it would be fair.

However, being a mother of twins (actually, “Irish triplets”—my son is only 11 months older than my twins) does allow me some insight into the psychological or social aspects of twins, or raising children in general. I will write about that. Because it’s valuable and because it interests me (for instance, it’s exciting to look at the nature vs. nurture debate based on the raising of twins).

Maybe psychology, sociology, and philosophy should be a subset of my blog but I’m not going to do that because I will only write about these subjects on a whim and I do it quite subtly. I don’t see the need for spouting jargon because I’m an observer rather than an expert. I might write about my observations of society or a certain philosophical debate but I’m not going to bog my writing down with technical jargon and such. So, you don’t have worry about being bored to death by these rants. 😀

I think I’ve done a pretty good job at defining myself with this post but I must post a disclaimer. I have proven, in the past, to be pretty undefinable. One day, you might visit my blog and see a random post about the plausibility of lollipop rain (my husband and I actually have had this conversation). In the name of being a good blogger, I will try to write mostly about authorship but I know that I tend to write a lot about spirituality and parenting as well. I just want you to be warned that left field topics may occur on my blog most of the time.