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Giving Back via Social Media—Indie(s) Spotlight.


National Children’s Cancer Society from Jamal McLaughlin on Vimeo.

As author’s we use social media for a lot of things. We promote our books; connect with bloggers, readers and reviewers; we connect with other authors; and we share our individual journeys. This week’s Indie Author Spotlight tells the story of what can happen when we use the connections to reach beyond ourselves…when we use them to touch the lives of others…when we use them to give back.

It all started with a Facebook group which was created to connect authors. Talks of writing books for charity began to flow between the authors and so the books Wild Cards and Children of the Night were born. 100% of the proceeds will go to The National Children Cancer’s Society, a charity organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer.

We all know the work that goes into things like writing and compiling a book, hosting a blog tour, and promoting a project so to think that this group of extraordinary authors came together to do it all for charity is amazing. Also, I can think of no charity more deserving of the contribution than the National Children’s Cancer Society. I had a 6 year old cousin pass away in November from childhood cancer and so I have a new understanding for the impact that Children’s Cancer can have on the life of the children as well as the families.

The group continues to give back as they work on another collection of stories, this time for the ASPCA. Check out the following posts to get to know the authors and books created for this wonderful cause.



Goodreads book giveaway!


Today is the day that the Darkness Within Book Giveaway opens up!!! It is for one physical; signed copy of my debut novel. I will ship the book to the winner after the contest ends on February 2, 2014. Follow the link below to enter. You may have to create a goodreads account to enter (if you don’t have one already)


Author Spotlight—AC Willis

Indie Author, AC Willis.

Indie Author, AC Willis.

Before I kick off my Friday Feature; “Indie Spotlight”, I am doing a test post. For this, I’m spotlighting myself. This will work as an example for what the spotlights will look like. This is what the main spotlight post will look like.

Author Bio:

AC Willis is a new Independent Author. She released her first novel, “Darkness Within” in December of 2013. She is also a mother of four. AC has been writing since she was a little girl and although she has tried to do many other things in her life, she always comes back to writing. Her debut novel, “Darkness Within” will be on sale on Amazon for .99 cents beginning February 2, 2014. This is the first page in an unwritten story for AC and she has many more projects in the works that will be ready for release by the end of the year. Among them is the second story in the “Darkness Within” series, titled “Light Without”. I sat down to talk with AC about “Darkness Within” and learned the motivation behind the novel and what will come next for this young, but promising author.


Tell us a little about “Darkness Within”:

Well, it’s a young adult fiction. The main character, Awen Murdock, is…extraordinary. She sees the divine in the natural world, has magickal abilities and travels to the shadow realm. She keeps all her secrets bottled up and so she is a character that is fragmented and disconnected from the world and people around her. Darkness Within is the story of her “awakening”. Throughout this novel, she is trying to learn to define herself and struggles to find a place in her world.

What is her world like?

It’s essentially our world…and our time. Awen uses social media. She goes to high school and dates, just like any normal teenage girl in our day and time. So, there’s a sense of normalcy about it. However, within this normal world, there is also a magickal one. The main thing that sets Awen apart from the people around her is that she peers beyond the normal world and sees the magickal aspects of it. She also travels to the shadow ream which exists on a different plane and holds a completely different set of rules. Existing in both places at once is hard for her and eventually, events that take place in the Shadow World begin to effect her “reality”.

Okay, so tell us a little bit about how the novel came about.

That’s kind of a multi-layered answer. I’ll try to keep it simple. The general idea behind the novel came about in 2012 when I entered a short story titled “The Darkness Within Me” into Muskogee Public Library’s short story contest. After I won, it set on my hard drive for a year. My husband and I talked about turning it into a graphic novel but nothing ever came of that. So, when I entered Nanowrimo, I thought it would be a great opportunity to expand upon the short story and so “Darkness Within” was born. Actually, it was almost a completely different story altogether.

Really? How so?

I started writing it from a completely different point of view. My favorite character in the entire story is Cailleach. I can’t say too much about him without giving away some of the novel’s best secrets but I began writing the story from his point of view. Somewhere in the middle, I decided that there were parts of the story that needed to be told from Awen’s point of view, since it is her story. So, I put her in a situation where she sees part of her own life through his point of view and I reworked the beginning. It’s funny how something like that can change the entire story.

Cailleach is a weird name.

Yeah, there’s a lot of that in “Darkness Within”. Cailleach literally means “owl” but The Callieach is a Druid goddess of winter and death. She’s the “hag of winter” but at the end of winter, she drinks from the Well of Youth and transforms into a young maiden. My Cailleach is a male character but his personality and story is pulled a lot from the aspects of the Druid goddess. I like to play with mythologies and beliefs, particularly of the Celtic people, and use them in my work. In fact, most of the names in the story come from Celtic lore.

Are the names the only thing that comes from Celtic lore?

No. The timeline of the novel comes from the Wheel of the Year. “Darkness Within” takes place between August and December during the Dark parts of the year. The novel also mentions the Tree of Life and the Tuatha De Dannan which both come from Celtic lore. Also, the struggle between light and dark is synonymous with most faith paths.

That’s interesting. Why the love of Celtic society?

I study Druidry, myself. It’s hard for something so personal not to become part of your work. Also, my ancestry is Irish. Murdock is my grandmother’s maiden name. But I do it in a manner that is not really overt. You don’t need to be Druid or Celtic to understand it. You don’t even have to be religious or spiritual. It’s a great story…it just so happens that I blended these aspects into the fabric of it…because I’m awesome like that.

So, what happens next for Awen and for yourself?

“Darkness Within” leaves a few loose ends untied so I’m working now to tie them up and finish the story with the second novel in the series, “Light Without”. Let’s just say that Awen has a few more obstacles to face before she can arrive at the moment that is her destiny. I will release “Light Without” sometime this year but I already have a few other projects in the works. Probably the next project I will release is actually a book of short stories.

Buy Darkness Within now…or wait until February 2 and grab it for .99 cents, HERE.

Connect With AC Willis:





New Feature Coming Soon! #IndieAuthor #Spotlight


I will be doing an Indie Spotlight on my blog. I will showcase a different Indie Author, Musician or Artist weekly. I will begin by doing a post on myself, to give interested “Indies” an idea of what it is going to be like. If you are an artist and you are interested in being featured, email me at ashleywillis5@gmail.com. Everyone else; be on the lookout for my Friday Feature; Indie Spotlight…coming soon!

Chapter 3: Redemption


Chapter 3: Redemption

I met my goal last night. I have posted the first part of the third chapter while I am working on the second part: the birth of Awen. Being 600 words from my goal for today makes me feel amazing. I have never felt so assured in finishing on time than I do now. I am really beginning to feel like a professional writer….I hope you all read and enjoy. I am so thankful to receive, and give, support on this journey. 

Reading with my Tween: A review of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick


I tend to read the books that my stepdaughter brings in from school. Sometimes it’s out of boredom but most of the time it is out of curiosity. I want to know what she is being exposed to. I had previously read the first book in this series and I wasn’t impressed so I never picked up the second or third books. As a reader, I found the plot mildly interesting…not original and predictable but not boring.

I am not a fan of this author’s writing style. There are some moments in the novel that I like…some decent description. Mostly, the author writes in a conversational tone that sometimes defies the art of writing itself. As a reader, I like Patch’s character. I think that he is the only character that Fitzpatrick cared to develop. The other characters are boring and often betray their own developments.

As I was reading the book, I often cringed that my 11 year old stepdaughter was reading it. I want to state that I am not, by any means, a conservative parent. My stepdaughter and I have a very open relationships and she comes to me when she has questions about ‘adult topics’. Here are the problems I have with the book, as a parent:

1. The relationships in the book are completely unstable.

This goes for ALL the relationships in the book. Nora hates her mom, is hateful to her best friend, glorifies her rivalry with Marcie and partakes in borderline abusive relationship with men.

2. Too many scenes in the novel glorify “lust”, rather than love.

The story is branded as a love story but it is really about lust. I can handle books that talk about cute guys and involve kissing and such but this book goes too far. There is one scene where Patch comes into Nora’s dream and it describes a very physical make-out session where “he puts his hand up her shirt and touches her back” and she returns by “wrapping her legs around his waist”. Another notable instance of this is between Rixon and Vee when Vee is describing a make-out session between the two and states “he seemed really into it so I was too”. This type of behavior is repeated throughout the story and although I have to commend the author for including talk of condoms (at least she’s advocating safe sex), I don’t like the idea of my stepdaughter thinking this is acceptable teenage behavior. Furthermore, there is a great lack of explanation of feelings as it regards to love so the reader is led to believe that the attraction between Nora and Patch is more physical than emotional…again NOT what I want my 11 year old to think of as “love”.

3. FULL of teenage rebellion

Nora, whose mom is absent for most of the story, tends to break all rules and boundaries by going to bars, staying out all the time, vandalism, ect. I’m not delusional about teenage rebellion: it hasn’t been long since I was there myself. Of course, I would like to channel the natural teenage rebellion into more constructive means (activism), but I am aware that pretty soon, my stepdaughter will find herself in a fair share of “trouble”. That being said, I don’t want my stepdaughter to receive so many tips about how to do it without getting caught.

Overall, the book is a decent read. It is a young adult fiction book, so I can overlook the childish writing style. So if you are an adult and you enjoy this type of fiction then you might be interested in reading this book.

If you are a parent of a child who is reading this book, be aware of the themes that are in the book. You know how impressionable your child is and if you don’t want him/her to be exposed to these themes, proceed with caution. I am not saying don’t let your kids read this book, it can be harmless. What I did, instead of telling my step-daughter that she couldn’t read it (I don’t believe in banning books), I talked to her about the things in the book that concerned me. I let her know that some of this behavior is dangerous and explained to her the trouble that it could lead to.