Back on My Game…#shortstories


In reality, we’re two crumbling buildings in downtown hell. Drug dealers piss on us with their bags of sunshine and despite our strong foundations, we are destined to be demolished.

At least I’ll crumble with her…I think as I watch Princess rolling out the mat and pillows she keeps tucked away down here. Inside the bundle, she finds two clean needles and a a tourniquet. Guilt, regret and pure elation wrestle inside me as I think about the life growing inside my womb.

I’m back on my game. I have written almost 6,000 words today, finishing up one story and making a good dent in another…and it’s not crap. It feels good to write like this; knowing I will not have to delete half of what I write when I’m editing. It makes me feel hopeful…Like I am once again Superwoman.

That being said, this is going to be a short post (in fact, it’s almost over). I just wanted to share my excitement and give my readers a taste of what I’m working on. Well, it’s more like a crumb but it’s the first tidbit that I’ve released from my new project so enjoy the taste. Let me know what you think!