How many projects do you work on at a time?


With Darkness Within released, I move forward to the next book in the series, Light Without. However, I feel like I have opened some sort of creative floodgate and ideas for new projects just keep flooding out of my brain. I have at least 5 books in my immediate thoughts and when I set down to write Light Without, these other projects jump in my face for attention.

So, I was wondering how many projects I should work on at a time. I know I can write one book while outlining another but could I write 2 books while outlining 3 more? I’m sure this is a personal preference but I thought it would be a good idea to get an idea from other indie authors on the matter. How many projects do you work on at a time?

Writing my Soul


I did a lot of re-writing on my ending last night. At 2 am, I finished, closed Scrivener and my computer and nestled myself into my cozy bed. At 3 am, the youngest of my 3 year old twins woke up from a nightmare. We laid together and soothed each other to sleep…and I slept very well. 

When I woke up this morning, however, my body was aching and exhaustion had settled in my brain. What you need to understand, at this point, is that staying up late is part of my normal routine. Therefore, I know the exhaustion is not the product of a late night and early morning. 

It is not even a physical ache or exhaustion. It an emotional one, and the product of my writing process. Sometimes, we write things because we have an interesting story to tell. We open our brains and allow it to flow onto the pages of the novel. This is not the case with me, and Darkness Within

The story I’m writing (and about to publish), doesn’t come from my brain. Of course, the logical processes of planning and editing occur in the brain but the story itself, comes from the soul. I know it sounds improbable that storytelling occur outside the logical processes of the brain. Especially if one doesn’t accept the soul to be an organic part of the human. 

Obviously, I do and so the characters I have created awaken and walk around within me. They whisper to me, telling me how they want their stories to unfold. They tell me their secrets and I become the guardian of them. They become much more than a notion in my brain. They are part of me and putting their stories on paper is like peeling back my own layers and placing my own spirit between the front and back matter. 

This is why writing this particular novel, for me, is extremely physical. I write with everything I am, rather than just my brain. When I really get to the crux of the story and begin poking at my character’s most closely guarded secrets, my body will begin to ache and my mind will grow tired. The problem is that Awen Murdock, my main character, has a lot of closely guarded secrets.

I have enjoyed unraveling her through this first book and laying her secrets out for my readers, one by one. I have enjoyed giving her a back story and moving her through the dark half of the year of her destiny. Right now, my story seems very complete to me and I’m shooting for publishing on January 1, 2013. I chose this date for a few reasons, the most notably being my own superstitions.

As I begin to work on the second book in the series, Light Without, I find myself excited at the prospects before me. While the first book has been character driven, the second promises to be action driven. The characters are developed and the path is set. Now, all I need to do is walk it with them.