Spring rain trickling on skin—

Guilt in my stomach,

The end Begins again.

I write Haiku Poetry from time to time…It can be quite a challenge because my writing tends to be very, very wordy….sometimes, it’s TOO wordy. The haiku stands to teach us that we can communicate emotion with just a few words. It teaches us that writing can be effective on a smaller scale…that words can be powerful, if the correct ones are chosen.

So, this is what I do when I feel like my writing is taking a deep dive into the abyss of rambling and my descriptions lengthen to unnecessary sizes. I focus on the emotion I’m trying to convey and I write a haiku for it. The Haiku isn’t always great…okay, they’re almost never great but they serve a purpose. In addition to working on concise language, it really helps to pinpoint descriptive language that works best with the emotion or subject matter that I’m trying to describe.

What writing techniques do you use to improve your descriptive language? Am I the only one who uses a form of poetry as a writing tool?