#Divergent…When Will I Find the Time?


I like to try and stay on top of book trends. I don’t like being the “last” person to have read a novel or set of novels. I usually dedicate so much time to reading that there is no excuse for me to not have read the “latest” books. Now, that’s a little different because I’m writing full time. 

I have a general rule not to read while I’m writing. It’s an old habit I picked up from a Stephen King interview when I was very young. So, in my past, I was either reading or writing: neither both. 

I realize, today, that has to change. If I’m going to write daily; for the rest of my life, can I really cut reading out of my life? Umm…no! That would be like asking a fish not to swim. Reading is so ingrained within me that I can’t see me moving through the rest of my life not doing it. There are a few books that I’ve been aching to read but haven’t because I’m writing: Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and The Divergent Series.

Well, today, I’m picking up Divergent and throwing away that old habit but I’m still left with the question; when will I find the time? Right now, I’m maintaining my Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress and Blogger Blogs, paganspace.net, goodreads and shelfari for promotion. I’m writing one novel and planning out 5 more. I’m a mother of 4 (three under 4) and a hopelessly busy housewife.

So, I tell myself: “I’m going to read for 30 minutes a day”…”I’m not going to get immersed in the book”…”I’ll put it down and write”…Yeah, we’ll see…I  have a habit of becoming obsessed with really good books and I usually cant stop for long once I get started. So, if I go missing for a few days, you know where I am. I’m curled up on my couch, under a pile of unfolded laundry, ignoring all social media and hiding from my children to read.