Darkness Within—Last Day—$2.99 #Kindle



Today is the last chance you will have to catch my debut novel, Darkness Within, at a discounted price! Until 10:00pm tomorrow, it will be on sale for $2.99! Catch it while you can! Click on the picture above, link below or search Amazon.com for “ac willis darkness within” to take advantage of this deal!


Darkness Within—2 day sale—$1.99 #Kindle



If you missed yesterday’s deal, you can still catch my debut novel, Darkness Within, on Amazon before prices return to normal. This time, I’m giving it to you for $1.99 and the sale lasts for 2 days! Catch it before February 5 at 2:00 am to take advantage of this discount! Click on the picture above, link below or type “ac willis darkness within” into the Amazon search bar!



Wisdom, Creativity and Love…a #Druid’s Resolutions…


So, technically the new year (for me) begins at “summer’s end”. However, I made only 1 resolution at that time: to finish my novel. Now that the calendar year is coming to an end, we as a society look toward the new year in a collective sigh of resolutions. Usually, my resolutions revolve around serving other people…it is my natural tendency to put others before me. This year, I’m going to try something different. I’m going to resolve to be a better “me” in the name of and for the sake of everyone that I love. I’m going to do it in three simple words…well, maybe three simple words, each with its own very wordy descriptions (I am a writer, after all).

As a druid, I strive for three things above all else: wisdom, creativity and love.


Wisdom is an ever present theme in my life. My mind aches for wisdom and I find myself studying anything relevant (and sometimes irrelevant) to my wondering. However, I am coming to realize that knowledge and wisdom are two very different things. So, for the new year, I hope to gain the type of wisdom that cannot be gained from a book. I hope to gain the wisdom of the trees; the wisdom of the wind. It is the wisdom of silence and reflection. I had it at one point in my life but I traded it when my frustrations at the world around me took root in my heart. This year, I will do a better job at centering myself and calming my mind. I will find a place of quiet reflection within myself and allow myself time away from the pursuit of knowledge in exchange for the growth of wisdom.


I already have a strong start on this one. With my first  novel published and 5 more in the works, I look forward to this year being my most creative year yet. In years previous, I have allowed the daily routine of life to douse my creativity. I buried it on a shelf beneath an endless list of to-dos and must-haves. I adorned the societal robes of “perfect wife” and “model mother” without abandon and forgot that I was a perfectly creative and talented mind (and humble, too 😉 ). All that’s different now because I have realized that I can’t be everything perfectly. With this realization, I have achieved balance and with balance, I can be both a mother and a author; a lover and a poet.


Love is the easiest of the three. Love is as natural as the spring. I have never had a problem with love…I love all people and all things in this world, equally. I understand the boundaries of love and realize its presence even between two people with opposing views. I love freely. As awesome and great as that is, I can do better. I can not only love others but teach them to love as well. I never realized how difficult it was for some people…to show love…to feel love…even to receive love. So, throughout my wisdom and creativity, I strive to find a way to increase the world in love. To help bring the world back to the natural state from which it was born. Not one of indifference but one of love despite the difference.

I know its a bit early but it was on my mind tonight and so I thought I would set down my resolutions for the year, in the best manner that I know how. I wish all of you the best in the coming year and I would love to hear about your new year’s resolution…or, if you aren’t making any, I would love to hear why not?

Darkness Within—My Debut Novel


Darkness Within—My Debut Novel

Merry Christmas to me—and to you! My debut novel was made available on Amazon today! You can buy it in either ebook or print version…It will be coming soon to Barnes and Noble, GooglePlay and Kobo, as well.

“Darkness Within” update!



I have been publishing chapters of my book on Wattpad, for review. I got decent feedback from a few users and my novel got 200 hits. I’m happy with my experience on Wattpad and I think it’s an invaluable experience for writers to be able to share their work for feedback, as they write it. However, as I browse the website, I become more skeptical about its ability to help me finish, and publish, my novel.

It’s obvious that if I take my novel seriously, I can’t publish the entire thing for free so Wattpad is a temporary home for “Darkness Within”. I may publish one more chapter but after that I will be finished.

Enter LeanPub…LeanPub is a lot like Wattpad. A writer can build an army of followers and post portions of their books for review. The major differences between Wattpad and LeanPub are as follows:

  • LeanPub allows the user to easily convert files to PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats for free…Wattpad offers no conversion
  • LeanPub allows readers to sign up for updates on unpublished works and even allows them to add a suggested price!!!!
  • LeanPub does not allow readers to comment directly on the book’s profile page…Wattpad does
  • LeanPub allows writers to set prices and publish works in progress. The reader is given a portion of the book and then promised all future updates on it as well…Wattpad is an open source.

Both websites are valuable to the writer. This will be my first time being published and I cannot equate how important it is for me to get my work out there, in the hands of readers. I see both websites as possibilities in this journey. Wattpad will help me build a group of loyal readers and pinpoint weaknesses in my work, while LeanPub will help me handle “the business end” of publishing and as I update my novel, I am given working copies of it in all formats needed for publishing.

I know this is a messy and rushed review…I have 2,000 words to write today so I’m trying to make it quick. To all my fellow writers, check out these websites and decide for yourselves. If you know of any other writer’s resources, I would be pleased if you would share them.

To my potential readers: check out my story. I have posted several links on this blog to Wattpad and above is a link to LeanPub. It’s not published on there yet but you can let me know what you would pay for it and subscribe to email updates. Also, if you’re a serious reader, there are a lot of stories on Wattpad that you can read for free and might enjoy!

My first Nanowrimo (Darkness Within)


My first Nanowrimo (Darkness Within)

There has been a lot of talk around my house about “going professional”. My husband is an illustrator and I am a writer…I think that, collectively, we have moved into positions in our lives that we feel comfortable pursuing our respective talents as careers. Actually “comfortable” is not the right word. We are parents so we are scared to death that this move will be at the detriment to our children…how is it that we can support our family on a starving artist’s pension? Because we’ve always “made it work”. With our first children’s book coming along nicely and a plethora of new ideas in the works, it is time that we take the first intrepid steps forward…nanowrimo is more than a challenge for me. It is a step in the direction of professionalism. By completing the challenge, I will be saying “I am a writer. I complete works and (hopefully) profit from them.” Doing this will encourage my children to finish things in their life. It will encourage them to follow their dreams without abandon. The first snippet from my novel is up on wattpad, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the novel.