#BeQuotable…Day 17….Quotes About Challenge

Image Credit: James O'Brien

Image Credit: James O’Brien

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.”
Shannon L. Alder

The Greatest Challenges that any of us have to overcome is the little boxes that society tries to place us in. For me, it was ADD, Small Town, Woman, Same Sex Attraction, Heathen, and Deviant (to name a few). These are the labels I wear around and people want to typecast me based on these facts about myself. Each presents its own set of challenges and obstacles that I must cross in order to be included in a society, who clearly rejects me. I like this quote because it, essentially, gives us the answer to overcoming these challenges….do not allow yourself to be defined by the box but rather define your existence based on your view from the box. It’s a beautiful sentiment and great motivational words to live by.


#BeQuotable…Day 16…Quote about Difference…#CJoyBellC



“We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colours and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don’t share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my brown sister is not different from me. But my black brother is he as much as I am me. But my brown sister is she as much as I am me.”
C. JoyBell C.

#BeQuotable…Day 14….A Quote that Describes Me…


“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat, or a prostitute.” ~Rebecca West

#BeQuotable…Day 12…A Quote That Reminds You of Someone


“Never Love Anybody Who Treats You Like You’re Ordinary” ~Oscar Wilde

To me, there’s nothing worst than being ordinary, and so, when someone looks at you and never sees the magic beyond your eyes, you should never give them your love. I spent a long time doing this: giving love to those who saw me as nothing more than flesh and blood. In fact, I’m so much more…I know the things that make me more than ordinary and I will never give myself to anyone unless they can see me for something so much more than I appear to be.

#BeQuotable…Day 11…Quote From TV…@OITNB…Orange is The New Black


Great graphic poster. And even funnier saying. Orange is the new Black

“I can’t do shit with sorry.” ~Red, Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is hands down, my favorite TV show, right now…why? Two words: Alex Voss!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe I’m not that shallow but I do appreciate the show for giving us some quality, and well rounded (and mostly, really hot), lesbian characters…so thumbs up on that…Actually, characterization is great, across the board on this show and the plots are intense and interesting but still provide plenty of laughable moments…and because (let’s face it), we’re all imprisoned in some way…. It’s just a really great show!

I love this particular quote because Red is one of my favorite characters. I love how tough she is, while still remaining nurturing and motherly at the same time. I would like to think, if I went to prison, I would be Red. I know this feeling well. I think it’s easy to get the point where “I’m Sorry” just stops working…seeing becomes believing and some action must be made to PROVE regret…it’s not enough, just to hear it.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience…@CoxCommunications…


It’s not exactly soothing to hear, “I’m sorry but our systems are down and we’re not sure when they’ll be back up” when calling a technical support hotline. What is happening, here? Has the entire Cox Communications empire crumbled, today?

What’s more alarming is that the issue is so big that their entire staff if tech supporter agents can’t fix the problem, or even estimated how long the problem is going to persist….

So, I set here, without internet connection and I assume that the Zombie Apocalypse is starting over at Cox headquarters.

…and although my phone is pretty great  (I ❤ my Galaxy Note 3), the WordPress app and mobile environment aren't the best for posting graphics and avoiding spelling errors (because apparently the easiest way to confuse predictive text is to actually spell words correctly), I'm going to try and hold off on the Be Quotable posts, as long as I can.

…and please let me know if you spot any Zombies wearing headsets roaming around anywhere near a Cox Communications center…

#BeQuotable…Day 10….Quote From a Headstrong Female @amandapalmer


Cover Theatre Is Evil Amanda Palmer .jpg

“My number one goal is to never feel like I’m strictly defining myself. The minute I feel like I’m doing that as anything-as theatrical, as feminist, as songwriter-I feel like the minute I name it, I’m stuck in a box.” ~Amanda Palmer

In a world and an industry that seems to always thirst for originality, Amanda Palmer NEVER disappoints. I can relate to her, as many of us can, because of her refusal to be anything other than her true self.  The quest for today was to choose a quote from a headstrong female…Amanda Palmer was my initial choice. The word “headstrong” can mean obstinate. Amanda Palmer is naturally, and inspiringly so.

If you don’t know who Amanda Palmer is, I can tell you all sorts of things about her. I can tell you about her music, her exploits, her writing, ect. but to get a feel for who she really is, you should check out her blog, her Facebook page (like her page, she posts quite often and it’s always “good stuff”), her TED talk and her book (out November 11).

…and as an added bonus, check out her Ice Challenge Video…(and YouTube Channel)…You MUST check out An Evening With Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

#BeQuotable…Day 9…Movie Quotes…#DirtyDancing


“I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw. I’m scared of what I did, of who I am…and most of all, I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.” ~Dirty Dancing

I could list, literally, hundreds (maybe thousands) of movie quotes that are epically awesome, have touched me/made me feel something or that I find profound. I chose this particular quote for today’s post, not because it’s the best of my favorite movie quotes or one liners. I chose this quote because it was the first movie quote that I remember having a significant effect on me. I watched Dirty Dancing when I was 5 years old (5 years after the movie’s release) and most of the movie confused me, at that age. This particular scene, however, grabbed my attention and when Jennifer Grey delivered these lines, I got chills. It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with movies. I understand, even then, the power that movies have on the viewer; the manner in which our movie watching experiences shape our thoughts, behaviors and realities. Movies are the most modern and relevant method of delivery for the written word….and I love really well written movies.

So, readers, I want to open the comment section up…I want to know what your favorite movie quotes are. *Comment Below*

#BeQuotable….Day 7….Lyrical @Sia



“I had given up
I didn’t know who to trust
So I designed a shell
Kept me from heaven and hell
And I had hit a low
Was all I let myself know
Yeah I had locked my heart
I was imprisoned by dark” ~Sia

This quote touches me in all my tender places. I really don’t need to get into how I identify with these lyrics, because they speak for themselves. That’s the true power in music; to speak for a heart when that heart can’t find the words to speak for itself…and here is the entire song:

#BeQuotable…Day 5…The Future


“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasn’t getting ready for them. It didn’t even know they were there.”
Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Of course, the future is important…I see it rising in importance, too. I see all the movies and novels that seem to be trying to imagine the future…I’m writing one myself. The problem with this is that the future is an ever-changing entity; subject to change with the slightest decision…I think that imagining the future is a way to escape the present…a way to pretend that, one day, things will be better. As it is, that can be a helpful tool in times of despair but the future should never be anyone’s main focus….allowing yourself to be shaped by the probable future is like trying to take the shape of a flowing river….it’s futile and will only lead to certain failure.