AC Willis

Who is “Indie Ashley”?

“Independent Author…Independent Thinker….Independent Believer….Independent Parent…and a celebrator of Independence in general!”

When I was a child, I told stories to my imaginary friends. As I grew, my plots thickened and my imaginary friends faded into characters. This is how I became a writer. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my children, gave up working and moved from east coast to the south (and back again a few times), that it occurred to me that I could be more than a writer…that I could be an author…a published author. So, I wrote a novel and set out trying to figure out how to get published.

Buried in webpages for literary agents and publishers; my head swirling around how I was going to write a synopsis and query letter, I wondered how long I would have to wait or if my dream of becoming a published author would ever come true. By the time I came across information about self-publishing, my head was aching and I was beginning to feel a familiar ache of anxiety about the whole “author” business.

I’m not good with strict institutions or following rules when it comes to my art. I’m not good with allowing someone else to monitor my thoughts…I’m not good with waiting or rejection. I’m not good with allowing someone else to set my prices and take out their “share” from my work.

So, I became an Independent author. Shortly after, I became single again. Ending my marriage, which had become more overbearing and full of discourse, than a marriage should be, gave me another taste of independence that I had been craving.

The one thing I have always been sure of about myself is my independence. I am an independent thinker. I never subscribed to the “popular” schools of thought prevalent in the small town where I grew up. I have always stepped back, rationalized and made up my own mind about things. This is how I came to travel an “independent” faith path (Druidry). This is how I have learned all that I know about philosophy, psychology, sociology; ect without a college degree…because I’m an independent studier.

So, the title “Indie Ashley” sums all this up. While this blog is mostly about my journey (and that of others) into the world of independent publishing, it is more easily classified as a celebration of independence in general. I want this to be a divergence for all the other “indies” out there…a place where independent thought, belief, and art can be expressed.

Here is my writer’s Bio:

AC Wilis was born Ashley Diane Crowe on the 11th of April in 1987. After moving several times during her early childhood, her family settled in a small town named Danese in the foothills of West Virginia. She grew up in the boosom of the trees, followed the flow of the creek and learned by the changing of season. This love for nature was paired with a deep connection to the power of the written and she realized her potential as a writer at an early age.

By the time she had graduated from High School, she was restless and eager to experience the world. When she was 19, she moved to Denham Springs, Louisiana; a town just outside the hustle and bustle of Baton Rouge. It was there that she met her husband and shortly after, started a family of her own.

AC gave birth to her son in October of 2009 and her twin girls the following September. She dedicated her life to her children but as they grew, her imagination soared. Through her play with them, a need to write was reawakened.

She finished her first book, Darkness Within as part of Nanowrimo: a challenge to write 50,000 words between November 1st and November 30th. With this, she realized her potential to write meaningful works of fiction and began her true journey as an author.

She is currently working on writing the second installation in the trilogy, titled Light Without. Her debut novel will be available for publish shortly and will be followed by two more in the series as well as a children’s book.

AC Willis knows that this is the beginning of a great journey for her and she welcomes all her readers and fans to embark upon it with her.

Please take a moment to add me on Facebook or Twitter…stop by my webpage or view my book on goodreads. As always, have a blessed evening and may the God/goddess/saint/prophet/tree/rock/nothingness/whateveryouprayto/or don’t pray to bless you immensely!

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