I Was Once So Full of Hope…Now I’m Reaching For A Shot Glass!!!!


This was my first #NaNoWriMo but I’m in a similar boat this year and my kids are with thier dad so I might #drinkandwrite this year…

Indie Ashley

I started out Nano a day late. In the beginning days, hope welled inside me and I filled my pages quickly. The words fell on top of each other and I delighted as I reached 5,000; 10,000; 12,000 words.

“It IS possible to pen 50,000 words in a month!” I exclaimed.

Then, life happened. Now, I blog and update my status. I read articles about writing, rather than actually writing. I have made a Pandora Radio station for my MC and have even resorted to cleaning out of boredom!

What’s happening to me? The writer that I was yesterday is replaced by a listless, wandering soul today. Perhaps Earnest Hemingway was on to something with his pairing of alcoholism and writing…who thinks I should take a shot before I write my next chapter????

*Disclaimer: I am in solely in charge of 4 impressionable children. I am a horrible person for…

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