Why Can’t I….


Why can’t I dictate text? I often daydream about how easy my writing would be if I could. While I was doing dishes, I could be writing….While I was driving, I could be writing….While I was in the shower, I could be writing. I wouldn’t have to put my life on hold and retreat to the dark corner in my office or hide in the bathroom with my phone to get the story out of my head.

I’ve tried, many times, to dictate text…as the thoughts are flowing, I have tried to speak them but I can’t….I just can’t.

It’s almost like there is a corner of my brain; a quiet still place that I go to when I write. Like I must retreat within myself and retrieve the story that’s dying to get out. For me, writing is very internal. Is this weird?

Or maybe, my writing comes from someplace else…or something else. Maybe I draw my stories from the same place I draw my energy and that place isn’t accessible unless I stop and listen. Maybe writing is a meditative practice for me.

Whatever the answer, it is sure that writing is not exactly a science, for any of us. As authors, we all have limitations and quirks that make our writing style our own. What are your little writing quirks or what limitations do you have, as an author? Am I the only one who finds it impossible to dictate text?


2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I….

  1. The only text I’ve dictated is nonfiction. Facts may be easier than fiction for the brain to collect, collate and deliver on the fly. Fiction relies on the manufacture of artificial “memories” that usually have some degree of emotion attached, and that aspect of brain function would involve different neurotransmitters.

    • That seems logical. It would also explain why our voices change pitch, naturally, whenever we talk about topics that are uncharacteristically serious. I’m glad you shared this thought, I never really looked at it like this! Happy New Year’s Eve, to you!

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