We’re sorry for the inconvenience…@CoxCommunications…


It’s not exactly soothing to hear, “I’m sorry but our systems are down and we’re not sure when they’ll be back up” when calling a technical support hotline. What is happening, here? Has the entire Cox Communications empire crumbled, today?

What’s more alarming is that the issue is so big that their entire staff if tech supporter agents can’t fix the problem, or even estimated how long the problem is going to persist….

So, I set here, without internet connection and I assume that the Zombie Apocalypse is starting over at Cox headquarters.

…and although my phone is pretty great  (I ❤ my Galaxy Note 3), the WordPress app and mobile environment aren't the best for posting graphics and avoiding spelling errors (because apparently the easiest way to confuse predictive text is to actually spell words correctly), I'm going to try and hold off on the Be Quotable posts, as long as I can.

…and please let me know if you spot any Zombies wearing headsets roaming around anywhere near a Cox Communications center…

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