#SoundtrackSunday…Come Together and Other #Beatles Re-makes


This week’s theme has really made me think about how great it would be if everybody’s “theme” song played, when they walked into a room or met someone for the first time…If only there was a song, for each of us, that could act as an “introduction”…there would be no more need for “ice breakers”, no need to answer the question “Who are you?”.

It would be such a relief to just shut up and let the music talk for us, sometimes…to let the song explain everything that we can’t communicate…to find people who “march to the same tune”. As Kerry from Aspernauts pointed out, this could very well be an entire mixed tape…because we are not one dimensional…because how could one song possibly communicate everything about a person?

Still, the very essence of a person can be communicated in a single, simple tune. After all, music is vibration…a manipulation of the air around any given space…Music works in the same way that a “soul” does. We are all instruments and the vibrations of our energy….who we really are…communicate and reach out to the people around us. So, it is possible that there is a song for each of us…a tune which matches our vibrations and could let people know who we are, at the core.

There is something about my spirit which is very old…yet has been remade with the passage of time…it’s the mix between gentle messages and banging melodic beats of an electric guitar…a buzzing which can’t be contained or tamed…a natural inclination to go against the grain and create change…to vibrate across the land around me in a buzzing, whirling fashion, changing everything I touch…

My spirit gravitates toward times of great upheval and social change…the roaring 20’s, the rebellious 80’s…the sweet 60’s. When it really comes down to it, I suppose you would say, that I’m a Hippie at heart (although I hate labels and rarely refer to myself as such)…and so it seems fitting that The Beatles provide a theme song for me…but I’m not a flower child…I am remade…I’m (kindof) relavent…I’m a Hippie for the New Age and so it must be a re-make.

So, I chose the Across the Universe Soundtrack, most notably these songs: Come Together, Revolution, Don’t Let Me Down, and Helter Skelter…really, any of the songs in this playlist would do the trick….I guess it just depends on how strong my spirit is on any given day…because our spirits; the fundamental truths about us don’t change, they simply weaken, strengthen and change general direction. Because on the inside and on the most basic level, I am the sound of an electric guitar. Sometimes, I strum along in melodic timing and sometimes I roar…

Check out the entire playlist on YouTube, Here.


2 thoughts on “#SoundtrackSunday…Come Together and Other #Beatles Re-makes

  1. Hi Ashley, I’ve only just found this post! The link you posted in the comments section of your ‘Theme’ song prompt page has some sort of error – I kept getting a message telling me that I’m not an administrator. It was only by noting the date of that link that I found my way here by scrolling back through your archives.

    Nice choice. I toyed with a few Beatles tracks myself – including Helter Skelter. I found myself veering towards Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey! I came across a nice cover of Strawberry Fields but can’t remember who it was by.

    I’m off to You Tube now to check out the Across the Universe Soundtrack. xxx

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