Cleaning out the Clutter


….and it seems that it is possible for me to check one or two things off my to do list….

The Return of Soundtrack Sunday

I have updated the Soundtrack of your Life Challenge. I will be doing the challenge, monthly, now instead of weekly. I really love this challenge and I only stopped because 1. It was too much to do it, weekly. and 2. There wasn’t much of an interest in it. I’m happy to say that, during my little DD (divorce induced depression…lol…) vacation, there seemed to be a lot of feedback from individuals who wanted to participate in the challenge.

So here’s the rundown on changes to the challenge (you can check out full details, here): I will post the prompt on the 3rd Friday of the month (August 15th, this month). The prompt can be answered the following Sunday and I will spend the following days/weeks reposting my favorite blogs. Again, you can check out the Soundtrack Sunday page on my blog for full details and to learn how to create a pingback, so I can see your answer.

Book Reviews and Author Spotlight

I think, of all things, I’ve missed this the most. I do plan to resume with the reviews and author spotlights but not weekly. I will do one a month and probably increase to doing one, every two weeks, eventually. With that being said, I am currently taking requests for the feature. If you are an Independent Author and you want a spotlight on my blog and/or you have a book that you want reviewed, use the contact form below and let me know.

Everything Else

I would like to say that I will be posting regularly, and of course, I plan to. I have all intention of posting regularly, again. However, my life is chaotic right now and most days, I feel as if I’m being held together by matchsticks so I can make no true testament to my actual ability to fulfill this promise. I will say this; I have missed the network of friends I have here, on WordPress and I am certainly excited about getting back in the saddle. I’m open to suggestions and guest bloggers…(you can use the contact form above, if you’re interested). Mostly, I’m open to giving and sharing support and love in the most pleasant and most difficult of times. 😀



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