Soundtrack Sunday Week 3: Love Songs…#ValentinesDay


SountrackSundayValentinesIt’s Week 3 and Valentine’s Day is upon us! Fittingly, this week is all about love.

Good or bad, every love life has an anthem. This week, share the anthem(s) of your love life with us as we prepare for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. It’s pretty straight forward so I don’t think any “tips” are really necessary. I will remind you that you can use more than one song if you need to, to show us the ups and downs throughout your love life or you can stick to one song that really speaks of your love life “right now”. You can take whatever route you want to with this: share your “sexy” songs, the songs that remind you of your first love or even share a breakup song.

Also, I know it’s a bit early to start doing stuff for Valentine’s Day but if I do it next week, it will be after the holiday. Somehow, that doesn’t feel right and maybe this little “exercise” will help you get into the “groove” ; ) of the holiday spirit. You can use one of the “special” buttons for Valentines or stick with the “old faithful” buttons. I will include them all in this post.

If you’re new, get started by checking out the main challenge page here.

Lastly, if you have any questions about the blog challenge or feel you can contribute to it, in any way, email me at


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