Super Disappointment…10 Commercials that I (kinda) Liked…#Superbowl


One day a year…

One day a year, I watch professional football. One day a year, I stop fighting back against consumer culture. One day a year, I become part of a collective American whole. On Super Bowl Sunday, millions of people gather in living rooms, bars and in the streets; cheering and jeering collectively…laughing together…sharing opinions…It really is one of my favorite aspects of modern American culture.

This year was disappointing, to say the least. Although I picked correctly (deciding that the Seahawks would win because I like birds better than horses), the game was a big dull dud. Probably the most exciting part of the entire game was the second play snap that was missed…oh the look on the player who missed it’s face…priceless.

Well, at least we still have the commercials, right? Super bowl commercials never let us down…they’re always epic (iconic, even). Yes, the commercials are the biggest reason why I watch the Super Bowl every year because I found out when I was very young that missing out on the Super Bowl commercials in America was like missing a shoe during a marathon. So, I continued to watch…although the game provided literally no action or excitement. Again, I found myself very disappointed.

Where were all the big budget, side-splitting, innovative advertisements? Although the usual suspects (Doritos, Pepsi, BUDWEISER) were almost MIA, there were a few commercials that I really liked. So, I’m compiling a Top 10 list (even though it’s more like an “only 10” list).

#1Hulk Hogan, California Raisins, Alf….OH MY!

I’m not sure that my reasons for liking this commercial are even needed. It gets my top spot, very easily, because I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Most epic part for me? Chucky cutting the carpet…too funny. And you can’t argue with the clever use of the tagline, “The 80’s called, they want their store back”.

#2 Ellen Red Riding Hood

Ellen is cute as a button in this commercial…and the bear family? Hilarious. Ellen dancing with the bear family…nuff said!

# 3 Muppet Ride Along

Terry Crews crushing grapes with Muppets…”No room for boring” song…awesome! Favorite line: “There were singing vegetables…and chickens!” Seriously lol funny…

#4 Giants

The artistic value of this commercial is noteworthy. This commercial is a beautiful analogy for the power o the “little people”. I know they’re trying to sell me a car but it speaks directly to how I feel in the social and political culture of America, today…great marketing tactic…and a really memorable commercial.

#5 America Is Beautiful

This commercial seemed to rub people the wrong way but I thought it was a beautiful celebration of diversity in America. Reading the Youtube and Twitter comments, has a different effect, though. So, unless you want a right good lesson in American idiocracy, I would suggest you just watch the commercial and enjoy…don’t listen to what people are actually saying about it.

#6 Pistachihead

Apparently, Stephen Colbert’s brain is a Pistachio…well, that explains a lot. I think the premise of the commercial is pretty funny because every time I see a Pistachio commercial, I ask myself: “How do you brand a nut?”

#7 Make Love. Not War

I love the build up of this commercial and the ending message: “Make Love. Not War”. I don’t really care that it doesn’t have the usual “look and feel” of an Axe commercial. It’s really cute. Now, if only there really was a spray that could create world peace….*sigh*….maybe one day.

#8 Dober-what?

The Dobawawa is seriously creepy! I almost dismissed this commercial but then there was Sara Mclachlan and I was like “yes!”…and then the kid on the big wheel…lol…The tagline was awesome. “Compromise scares us, too”…that becomes apparent if you read the comments about the Coca Cola commercial!

#9 Greek Cock Block

Little, tiny laughs…because a full-houseesque reunion is ALWAYS funny. I feel like this would have been more exciting if I hadn’t seen the boys united on Jimmy Fallon earlier in the week. Still, it’s kind of funny.

#10 Cowboy Kid

This commercial is the only one from the usual Super Bowl favorites to make the list AND it only made the list because my 4 year old son’s reaction to it. He now wants a dog like that so he can be a cowboy and tie up his sisters. 😀

Bonus: Scientology

This commercial only aired in certain markets (mine was not one). I decided to add it, not because it was particularly epic but because a lot of people are talking about it. I, personally, don’t mind a Scientology commercial, anymore than I mind a Church of Latter Day Saints commercial. Still, some people have their panties in a wad about it and so I thought it to be worth a share. I, seriously, wish it would have aired in my area because my dad’s reaction to it would have been awesome!


A little disappointed by this list? Yeah, me too. I didn’t really have much to work with. At least Bruno Mars’ halftime show provided some entertainment. I know that some people disagree but Bruno Mars on stage is ALWAYS entertaining…and the segway into The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance was really gratifying. I do have to say that I was a little let down, in general, by the overall performance of the Chili Peppers. It doesn’t matter, they’re still legends in my mind.

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