Soundtrack Sunday Week 1 Roundup!


What do Ian Broudie, Bert and Ernie and Flogging Molly all have in common? They were all featured in Week 1 of the Soundtrack Sunday Blog Challenge!

I really enjoyed this first week. In case you missed it, week 1 was all about beginnings. It was very interesting to see how different participants interpreted the prompt and I really enjoyed reading the posts that were submitted.

Kerry S from “Aspernauts” wrote a beautiful post about the songs that became her lullabies when she became a mother. You can check that post out here:

Rose B Fischer took us back to her childhood and some of the songs which marked the beginning of learning and loving music for many of us. You can check out that post here:

I wrote about  my heritage, my hometown and how every new beginning I have defines me. That post can be found here:

I’m really excited about seeing how week 2 goes. The prompt for the week will go up on Friday at Noon and I will be looking forward to seeing what everybody does with it on Sunday. If you are interested in joining in on the Soundtrack Sunday Blog Challenge, check out the challenge page for the “guidelines” and for blog buttons you can use to tell the world that you’re participating. The blog event has been listed on The Daily Post so you can check it out there, as well.

I also want to say that I’m open for suggestions. If you have an idea for a prompt or just have a general suggestion about the blog challenge, I would love to hear it. You can email me at with any feedback or just post it in the comments.


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