Goodreads Community and Review Copies…


I’ve been meaning to make a “links” page for this blog for a week, now. Somehow, the train in my head wont really allow me the cognitive thought to get it done. So, for now, I’m going to settle for giving a shout out to one of the links that I know I will be featuring on the page.

I love communities which bring readers and authors together. I love it because it gives readers a chance to discover new and exciting titles while getting the author’s work into the hands of people who matter most. So far, the best community I’ve found for this is the goodreads group: Making Connections. Actually, it’s two groups (see compliment group: Making Connections: YA Edition).

At first glance, it seems to be a virtual book swap. Authors can opt into giving away x amount of free ebooks in exchange for review and readers can meander through the different genres, pick a new title which best suits them, contact the author and provide feedback. That, in and of itself, is a very valuable exchange. For the new author, it’s a chance to receive feedback on the book and for the reader, it’s a way to uncover the best and the brightest books on the fringe.

The group also functions as a book club. Every month, nominations are taken and a handful of books are chosen. Then, a poll is sent out and one book is chosen for collective reading and discussion. All in all, it’s a really great group and the only place I’ve felt propelled to offer review copies of my debut novel, Darkness Within. If you want a review copy of my book, or want to discover a myriad of other gems (from any genre imaginable), or want to post your own book for review, check out the group (Links in the reading above or direct link to my book below).

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself: “I would like a review copy of Darkness Within but I don’t want to join the group.”, just jet me an email at and I may just fulfill your request.

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself: “I would really like my book reviewed but I don’t want to join the group.”; again, send me an email at I’m now accepting reviews for interesting novels on my blog.

Free Review Copy of My Book:—darkness-within-by-a-c-willis

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