2014 Writing Goals…Blog Hop For Writers



My plate is pretty full right now. I’m writing a novel and a collection of short stories. I’m doing the “Zero To Hero” blog challenge, getting ready for a promotion of and putting together a blog tour for my debut novel, while maintaining my Indie Spotlight and all other regular aspects of my blog. I’m doing all this while going through a separation and taking care of 3 kids (ages 4, 3 and 3) on my own.

What do I do when I have a full plate? I fill it up  more! I don’t  know why, it’s just what I do. I like to fill the moments in my day (particularly creatively) and it’s been so long since I’ve been able to engage in any type of creative outlet that I think my hunger for it is consuming me.

With that being said, I came across a great blog hop, hosted by Ruth L. Snyder that I couldn’t resist. It’s a 12 week challenge which requires posting every other Monday so it’s definitely manageable. It’s also creative and fun and I’m super excited about doing it. With that said, it actually started on January 13 so this first post is a little late. The subsequent posts will be on time, however.

My writing Goals 2014: 

  1. Get my debut novel, Darkness Within, in the hands of more people.
  2. Finish, and release, the second book in the series: Light Without. 
  3. Finish, and release, my short story collection based on the Celtic Lunar Calendar (still unnamed).
  4. Write Daily.
  5. Write well…(continuing to produce work I can be proud of).
  6. Complete as many blog challenges as humanly possible, this year.
  7. Win Nanowrimo for the second year in a row.

That’s all I have, for now, but I’m sure as the year moves along, my goals will increase. I have a few other novels that I’m outlining, right now so I might end up releasing more than just the two additional books this year. I know that I will write 3 (because of Nanowrimo 2014 but I won’t have time to edit and release my Nanowrimo 2014 novel). Right now, I’m just keeping my focus on the release of those two. As always, I’m keeping an eye on the horizon, as well. 😀


5 thoughts on “2014 Writing Goals…Blog Hop For Writers

  1. Hi AC! Welcome to the blog hop – great to have you on board. Sounds like you really do have a lot on your plate, but good for you to carve out the time to exercise your creativity, so important. Best wishes as your pursue your goals for the year!

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