Darkness Within—My Debut Novel



“Awen Murdock: Travels the realms and hunts shadows. Hears whispers from the divine in the wind. Loves pizza and romance novels…”

Awen Murdock is caught between two worlds. On one hand, she is a normal 17 year old, trying to carve out her own place in a chaotic world. On the other, she is the incarnation of the divine on earth and the savior of the world from darkness.

The first book in the series follows her through the dark half of the year, as she struggles to define herself and come to terms with her own duality. Along the way, she finds out the true dangers of magick and discovers that things are not always what they seem.

This is AC Willlis’ Debut Novel. It is based on a short story which was entered into, and won, award at the Muskogee Public Library short story contest in 2013. The entire novel was penned throughout the month of November for Nanowrimo. It is now available on ebook for 3.99, paperback for 15.33 and hardback for 17.00. You can pick up your copy at the following links:

Amazon—Ebook and Paperback—Kindle Edition

CreateSpace—Paperback only—

Lulu–Hardback only—


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