Yule Blessings and Celebrating Endings…


I’ve decided not to post a long Yule post. There’s a lot of that out there and my mind is so focused on my novel that I’m not sure if I can unravel it at this moment. I’ve borrowed this lovely video from Youtube to send out Yule blessings to all my friends and followers who will be celebrating today.

So to you all, I say: Happy Yule! May the Light of the Winter warm your heart and lead you to peace in the coming year. As we move through the darkest day of the year, we are reminded that light will return and nourish us all. Blessings to all beings.

With that, I will also note that the last day in Darkness Within is December 21st, 2013. As the darkness of the year impedes upon us in reality, the first chapter in Awen’s story is ending. It’s bittersweet, to reach the end of a novel. It’s satisfying and terrifying at the same time.

I miss my characters, my plots, my conflicts and resolutions…but I’m proud that it’s complete. It’s more than a string of thoughts and events. It’s profound in story and resolution. It’s a benchmark in my life as I move forward with my career as a writer but the true test is in how readers react to it.

I’m excited about publishing, while being terrified about how it will be received. Still, I move forward with hope and joy. I close one chapter of Awen’s life and open another. I feel the kindling of excitement and joy as I begin to write Light Without, the story of the light half of the year.

I always see the Winter Solstice as more than just the shortest day of the year. Afterwards, the days begin lengthening and I begin to find hope in the return of the sun. It is my wish that this is echoed in my journey as an author and in moving forward, I will fill myself with the light of Spring. As I celebrate Yule, I also celebrate the ending of Darkness Within…may both endings be filled with the promise of hope.

If you want to know more about Darkness Within, visit my “Books” page or visit my Goodreads page. It will be available to buy on January 1st. I will post links later as to where and how you can do this.

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