Self Publishing Success Stories–D.W. Jackson


Tahlequah Man Makes New Life As Published Author.

It’s always great to hear self-publishing success stories. It’s doubly great when that success story involves such a kind, selfless guy as DW Jackson. There are a few things about his story which amazes me.

Firstly, is the notion that things in our lives end up happening exactly how they’re supposed to. I’m sure that for D.W., falling ill right after adopting his kids seemed like a disaster at the time. However, he took the experience and molded it to his favor, propelling himself toward a new career as a writer. He allowed himself to flow through the currents of chaos and found his destiny in the progress.

Secondly, it is the lesson that nice guys do not finish last. If the interview makes D.W. Jackson seem like a nice guy, you have to know it is because he truly is. I don’t get a chance to say this about many people, before I get to know them very well, either. He has taken time out of his own writing schedule to offer me advice and help with the publishing of my own book; something that he never had to do.

Watching this video gives me hope and reminds me that dreams never die if we keep them alive. Congratulations on your success, D.W. Jackson. May you continue to write and inspire.

For more information about D.W. Jackson’s books, visit his amazon author’s page:

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