Sprinting across the finish line!



I haven’t updated on my Nanowrimo progress for a few days because there hasn’t been enough progress to comment on. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, I had written little and began, for the first time this month, to fall behind my goals. I never thought I wouldn’t complete the challenge, but I knew I would be cutting it a lot more close than I wanted to. With that being said, I managed to write 5,549 words today making my total word count….drum roll please…50,168 words!!!!

Yes, I did help my mom cook, and consume a Thanksgiving dinner today. However, I forewent the Black Friday shopping. Instead of standing in a line at a department store, I decided to catch up with my novel. The results were the completing of the challenge and moving toward a lifelong goal of mine—actually completing a novel! 

I still have a lot of re-work to do as I realize the story I have told so far needs some more detail to feel complete. I also realized that I am going to have to break my story into 2 novels to allow time to tell the entire story that I had originally planned. At the point that I left off, I haven’t even begun to tell the other half of the story, yet it feels complete. My MC comes to terms with the conflict she experiences in the beginning of the book and she ends with quiet reflection of the things which have occurred within her life so far. 

While there are loose ends that will need addressing, the immediate problem is solved and I already have the second and half of the third book planned on paper. I move from the writing to the editing phase with jubilation and trepidation. I will miss the pressing of my writing goals to move me forward and I may decide to begin book two while editing. Since this is my first novel, I’m not sure if this is wise but for now, it’s my plan. 

I would like to take a moment to delight in completed goals and dreams which were once on the horizon moving within reach. Whether it’s writing a novel in a month, or snagging a great deal the day after Thanksgiving, let us all stand proud for our own accomplishments and rejoice in met goals!!

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