Nanowrimo 2013 Winner!!!!


Nanowrimo 2013 Winner!!!!

Let me share with you a story. It is one of a young lady who always dreamed of writing a novel. This lady had always shown a natural inclination to the written word but she was lazy and listless in her work, hardly completing anything substantial. One day, this young lady grew into a woman, bore children and thus became a mother.

That mother looked back at herself and saw that something was missing. She felt sad at the thought that she had never pursued a writing career and lived the unfulfilled dream, only in her head. She moved through the motions of her adult life, creating stories and scenarios which revolved around writing and her fruitless dream. Until one day, this woman came across a challenge.

The challenge was to write 50,000 words in one month. Unsure of herself, she dove into it with trepidation. She sacrificed her nights, dedicating them to meeting her daily word goals and thought of little outside her character’s world. It was a daily challenge for her, as she had never forced herself to face the dream daily and she struggled with her own ability to finish what she had started. She battled the flu, the beckoning call of Facebook apps, and a Thanksgiving turkey along the way but she met the goal early and stood in delight of it.

Celebrating her victory, this woman realizes that with the challenge met, the novel is still incomplete but she has taken the dream and formed it into 50,000+ words of an unedited manuscript. Although the call of literary agents and publishing companies are a distant reality, they are closer than they were yesterday and she has done something difficult and valuable with the month of November.

She has gone from a dreaming mother to a 2013 Nanowrimo winner. The completeness of the work does not matter. She has written daily for a month and she now realizes that she can write daily for the rest of her life. She realizes that she is capable of more than dreaming and hopes that one day, her children will see this, too.

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