Bending: Breaking: Smashing the Rules!!!


I’ve never been so great at following rules, just ask anyone who knows me. Perhaps this is why I am 25 and just now embarking upon my first novel! Seriously, from the time I was a child, I would find myself in worlds of trouble by ignoring my mother’s requests to “be quiet” or “set down”. I just didn’t have it within me to heed her warnings. Inevitably, I would fall and hurt myself but I never learned to follow the rules.

As I grew into a woman, I begin to push against the rules that society tried to push upon me. Sadly, I haven’t grown out of this yet either. Just ask my husband what happens when he refers to me as “woman” or tries to convince me that there is no need for him to help around the house or with the kids…it’s not pretty. My marriage would probably be more successful if I had learned, at some point, to follow the rules.

Now, I’m doing Nanowrimo and I STILL can’t seem to follow the rules. Reading the posts of accomplished bloggers who have all participated in Nano in the past helps to keep me moving along. I’m finding a balance as I take in the “tips and tricks” of the challenge. I am at least attempting to follow some of the rules. I may get hung up on the structure of my novel and think too heavily about the overarching themes and symbolism therein but I’m writing daily. I’m moving forward and as I approach the halfway mark in word count, I’m hopeful that I will have a complete novel finished in time (although I will probably eclipse 50,000 words and keep writing). I’m counting on this novel to act as a catalyst for my career so I hope my stubbornness doesn’t become my undoing. :0

Are there any other Nano rebels out there? How have you rebelled against the “rules of the game” and has this helped or hindered you?

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