NaNoWriMo 2013 with children!!!!


I am 26 years old with 4 children…my husband is working away and I am penning my first novel…in a month!!! I must be crazy, right? Maybe just a little bit. A little background about my family: 

My stepdaughter is 11 years old, my son is 4 years old and my twin girls are 3 years old. I am a stay at home mom and things can get hectic! Finding space to focus on my novel was my biggest concern when I started this challenge. There are moments when I step away from a character development scene and settle a dispute. When I come back to my computer, it takes me a minute to regroup and finish writing. 

They have been really great about letting me have “my” time when I need to write as long as I reciprocate. If I spend an hour reading with them and then tell them I need some time to write “mommy’s book” later, they usually agree. In fact, they get involved. 

The twins aren’t really interested in what I’m doing with the novel but they set in my lap and try to sing their abc’s as I write.

My stepdaughter is my number 1 fan! She has been a huge motivation to me; asking me daily what my word count is and giving me her opinion on the flow of my passages. It’s given me the chance to teach her a little about English and writing (she’s very mathematically inclined but struggles in ELA). 

My four year old is getting into it, too. Today, I was working on a bit of my novel and sat down beside me with his coloring book. It was the kind that has letter tracing activities in it. I gave him a pencil and he sat there for while tracing his letters. I looked at him and smiled. He said “I’m writing!”

Of course, as I am writing this I am setting at 11,000 words on Day 6 (shout out!) and they are at their grandmother’s house. Tomorrow when I enter tantrum land during an important plot point, I might change my mind about all this! 😀


If you want to know what I’m writing, check out my leanpub page:

Or my Wattpad page:

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