“Darkness Within” update!



I have been publishing chapters of my book on Wattpad, for review. I got decent feedback from a few users and my novel got 200 hits. I’m happy with my experience on Wattpad and I think it’s an invaluable experience for writers to be able to share their work for feedback, as they write it. However, as I browse the website, I become more skeptical about its ability to help me finish, and publish, my novel.

It’s obvious that if I take my novel seriously, I can’t publish the entire thing for free so Wattpad is a temporary home for “Darkness Within”. I may publish one more chapter but after that I will be finished.

Enter LeanPub…LeanPub is a lot like Wattpad. A writer can build an army of followers and post portions of their books for review. The major differences between Wattpad and LeanPub are as follows:

  • LeanPub allows the user to easily convert files to PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats for free…Wattpad offers no conversion
  • LeanPub allows readers to sign up for updates on unpublished works and even allows them to add a suggested price!!!!
  • LeanPub does not allow readers to comment directly on the book’s profile page…Wattpad does
  • LeanPub allows writers to set prices and publish works in progress. The reader is given a portion of the book and then promised all future updates on it as well…Wattpad is an open source.

Both websites are valuable to the writer. This will be my first time being published and I cannot equate how important it is for me to get my work out there, in the hands of readers. I see both websites as possibilities in this journey. Wattpad will help me build a group of loyal readers and pinpoint weaknesses in my work, while LeanPub will help me handle “the business end” of publishing and as I update my novel, I am given working copies of it in all formats needed for publishing.

I know this is a messy and rushed review…I have 2,000 words to write today so I’m trying to make it quick. To all my fellow writers, check out these websites and decide for yourselves. If you know of any other writer’s resources, I would be pleased if you would share them.

To my potential readers: check out my story. I have posted several links on this blog to Wattpad and above is a link to LeanPub. It’s not published on there yet but you can let me know what you would pay for it and subscribe to email updates. Also, if you’re a serious reader, there are a lot of stories on Wattpad that you can read for free and might enjoy!

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