My first Nanowrimo (Darkness Within)


My first Nanowrimo (Darkness Within)

There has been a lot of talk around my house about “going professional”. My husband is an illustrator and I am a writer…I think that, collectively, we have moved into positions in our lives that we feel comfortable pursuing our respective talents as careers. Actually “comfortable” is not the right word. We are parents so we are scared to death that this move will be at the detriment to our children…how is it that we can support our family on a starving artist’s pension? Because we’ve always “made it work”. With our first children’s book coming along nicely and a plethora of new ideas in the works, it is time that we take the first intrepid steps forward…nanowrimo is more than a challenge for me. It is a step in the direction of professionalism. By completing the challenge, I will be saying “I am a writer. I complete works and (hopefully) profit from them.” Doing this will encourage my children to finish things in their life. It will encourage them to follow their dreams without abandon. The first snippet from my novel is up on wattpad, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the novel.

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